Family Profile


W/o: Ajmeer Khan
Marital Status: Widow
Age: 41 years
Religion: Islam
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Employed: No
Education: No Education


Noreena is a widow, lives in a rented home and pays 4,500 every month as rent. Her daughters work at home, and make dupattas, and trying to earn their living. They all are working, but unable to afford the expenditure of their house. That's why she needs monthly ration support.

Family Member(s)

Name Age Disabilities Relation Education Skills Courses Employed
Ahsan 6 No Son No Education No No No
Dil Naz 17 No Daughter No Education No No No
Gul Naz 19 No Daughter No Education No No Yes, Income: 400.00
Shabana 7 No Daughter Below Matric No No No
Shehnaz 13 No Daughter No Education No No No

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